Sunday, 25 March 2012

More on lace - guestposting

Today, I have a guest post up at Steph's place, 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World. It is a result of my previous rather ranty post on the subject of crochet vs. bobbin lace, and my correcting Steph on the same mistake. She asked me to write a guest post on the subject, and I tried to be more precise in my explanation.

It is a bit of a strange feeling, to have (relatively) expert knowledge on a bloggable subject, especially compared to someone like Steph, who is a perfect example of a knowledgeable sewing blogger who does not shy away from sharing that knowledge. I'm definitely not an expert on sewing, or any of the other things I usually write about. And I'm not such an expert on this either, compared to other people, but it's something I know more about than your average sewist. And that's the strange feeling.

So, to get away from that - here are some more vintage/antique laces I got from my grandma. :-) The first two are crochet, the one inserted into fabric is bobbin lace, the last one is, again, crochet. Notice how the maker of that one forgot one of the picots. :-)


  1. Thanks, Hana.

    Wow- Those are some seriously gorgeous laces... That missing picot would be something I would do, thinking "I just want to get this done, no one will notice the picot, the rest of the entire meterage is perfect so it can just have a little character because life is too short to rip for one picot..." Hehe.

    1. Hehe, yes. That's kind of my way of thinking, too!

  2. I have some vintage pillow slips with lace edging. I love using them.