Wednesday 24 March 2010

So what's this about?

I already have a blog. It's over at
I like my old blog. Don't get me wrong. Don't get me wrong, not even when I don't update the blog very often.
It's just that during my years of having that blog, I have found out that its rather wide coverage of all things crafty doesn't serve well for my ever-growing interest in historical clothing, pattern-making and textile-making and sewing techniques. If I did what I feel like doing, it would soon start overflowing with posts on half-finished and quarter-finished and one-eighth-finished projects and it would be a mess of a blog, because I'd have nowhere else to put those posts than under the label "In progress" over there. And all the other labels would be neglected.
So I'm stealing someone else's idea (I wish I knew who came up with it first) and starting a dress diaries blog. And I'll put my thoughts on other related things here as well.
The old blog stays. I like my old blog. It's nice and cosy. It will get the privilege of showcasing the finished results in a very organised manner. The mess of making will remain here.