Friday 9 April 2010

The treasure I found at home

I feel like I've just won a million... better, probably, because winning a million would be too overwhelming. Even this is rather overwhelming for me...

There's a big plastic box in our house, containing duvet and pillow covers and bedsheets that are torn or stained, waiting to be merged into new ones or otherwise dealt with, and they haven't been dealt with for years (except for a duvet cover that I seized for my sewing experiments, like the regency stays I'm working on now).
Today, though, I got an urge to look through the box, to see what its contents actually were. And wow, what did I find!

First, I found two perfectly fine bedsheets, which is good enough in itself, because we've been gradually running out of them recently.

But, as I dug further into the box, I found something snowy white damask with a woven pattern of lilies or similar, and that something looked suspiciously unsewn... Would that be fabric? I took it out. It was fabric, and there seemed to be quite a lot of it, it was the only thing left in the box actually, so there really was more of it than I thought...
I unfolded it, and there still seemed to be quite a lot of it...
So I took a 50 cm ruler and started measuring it, like they do in fabric shops. I counted the times I moved the ruler, and arrived at number 19, nearing 20.
I could not believe it. I started measuring again, but I always got lost halfway through, so excited I was.
Ten meters of beautiful, untouched bedding fabric, cotton damask most probably, snowy white except for the parts where it faced the ventilation in the box. Ten meters of crisp, pretty bedding fabric. Forgotten by the whole world, including my mom.
It's in the washing machine now. I wonder where I'll hang it in our small house or small garden... Probably in the house, because I do not want the cats to get to it!
I'll have to turn it into duvet covers (and maybe some pillowcases) as soon as possible. Although not too soon. When I get over it. I wouldn't want to ruin it by doing some kind of stupid mistake in my excitement.
Glorious, glorious fabric.