Monday 12 August 2013

And this would be me in 1823

It has it all: simple blue and white, a shawl, a straw hat with ordinary field flowers (I presume). I'm still getting over the hairstyles of the era, though...

Journal des Dames et des Modes 1823, found here. (I dislike Tumblr very much. It houses many interesting pictures, and is absolutely awful for tracking down their sources. I dislike pins on Pinterest that link back to Tumblr, and avoid them when I can. This Tumblr-er is nice, though.)

Do I really need more ideas for historical white dresses??? Because this would totally have removable lower sleeves, and therefore be a practical multi-purpose dress... Help!

Sunday 4 August 2013

And from now on, I'm having a silly smile plastered on my face


And all is right with the universe.

Just a few days ago, I added Peter Capaldi to my favourite actors on the Czech internet film database. I didn't even dream of this, even though apparently many other people did. And several days later, I learn of this. Such wonderful coincidence happens, as we say in Czech, once in a Hungarian year (do not ask me why it's Hungarian).

My sister approves, too, and, hehe, says she may even start watching New Who for him (she's only watched some Classics so far). I am jumping around the house, laughing uncontrollably and yes, have a silly smile plastered on my face. This fandom couldn't make me happier.

Hello, Doctor!