Monday, 12 August 2013

And this would be me in 1823

It has it all: simple blue and white, a shawl, a straw hat with ordinary field flowers (I presume). I'm still getting over the hairstyles of the era, though...

Journal des Dames et des Modes 1823, found here. (I dislike Tumblr very much. It houses many interesting pictures, and is absolutely awful for tracking down their sources. I dislike pins on Pinterest that link back to Tumblr, and avoid them when I can. This Tumblr-er is nice, though.)

Do I really need more ideas for historical white dresses??? Because this would totally have removable lower sleeves, and therefore be a practical multi-purpose dress... Help!


  1. It's a lovely dress! But I guess I'm missing something - why do you need help? And, more to the point, are you going to make it? ;-)

    It's funny that you should mention Tumblr today, of all days. I recently discovered - on Tumblr - the murmuring cottage, which has everything on it that my heart could desire! I swoon over it regularly.
    Anyway, it made me wonder what my photos would look like in that fashion, so yesterday I opened up a Tumblr blog
    I wasn't even going to mention it, but since you brought up the subject, tell me what you think.

    As for how Tumblr works, I have no clue! So I don't know why it frustrates you. I suppose I'll know in time, if I spend more time there! :D

    Are you going to make that gown, Hana?

  2. ... in ten or so years?
    I have so many plans and ideas, and so few of them actually ever get finished! And that's why I need help.
    I really, really want to make this gown, but that's only going to happen when I get fabric I can use for it, and seeing as I have not even got the fabric for the 1848 white skirt yet...

    I dislike the way Tumbrl is mostly pictures, and most of the time they're not work made by the "writer" of the respective blog, and most of the time the source is hardly acknowledged. I run across interesting pictures, or even beautiful artwork that I would love to see more of, and never learn where they come from. What year the fashion plates are from, what museum houses that pretty dress, who drew that illustration, and so on. That sort of thing, of course, happens elsewhere as well, and there are people on Tumblr who do not do this, but the pictorial format is particularly conductive to putting up loads of pretty pretty pictures and never bothering with words. Reason one.

    Reason two is similar - never bothering with words in the "comments" section. Plus "comments" seem only to be open to Tumblr users. Which I'm not.

    Reason three is the way so many Tumblrs are the sort of neverending scrolldown sort of page that I can't work with (sorry to tell you so, seeing as yours is one of those, too). It's almost impossible to re-find anything on them, link back to, and I fear it it eats up computer memory like it's cheese.

    Re: your Tumbler - Well, I have no problem with actual photographers' Tumblrs. ;-) I do have some trouble with it, but I think I'll save that for an e-mail - it's mostly technical/personal preference, and this comment is long already!

  3. Yes, you make me laugh! As for the murmuring cottage, which I love extremely, it takes about fifteen minutes to load. I start my keypad scrolling, and go off somewhere for a while. :D

  4. by a very nice fabric for this - one day you will need a wedding dress..... :-)

    1. Ouch!
      I had other ideas for a blue-and-white Regency wedding dress... for some day. This hurt, because you're right, this one would be even better!

  5. I really enjoy your blog so I'm passing on the Liebster award to you. You can read all about it, here: