Tuesday 23 November 2010

I'm continually proven wrong

I wrote that I was not fond of Edwardian clothes.

I'm not fond of the general Edwardian silhouette. I'm not very fond of the blouses and that stuff.

But dresses? Aww.

In a proper Dreamstress Rate the Dress fashion, this dress gets a full 10 from me, and deserves nothing less.

(Dress courtesy of the Rijksmuseum.)

Also, the loveliest of the wedding dresses in the UPM is Edwardian, but you'll still have to wait for photos of it. I haven't gotten around to properly editing them yet.

Wednesday 17 November 2010

It's giveaway time at Sense & Sensibility

Jennie Chancey of Sense & Sensibility is giving away interesting books... this time it's a book about the dresses of Grace Kelly by V&A museum.

She asks that we write a blog post about our favourite pattern from her collection for a chance to win it. So this is the post, and also a post to make you aware of the giveaways if you are not. The prizes are great!

So: My favourite pattern - one I don't own - is the Elegant Lady's Closet pattern. Do I have to explain why? I guess I do: Regency! Different necklines! Grande aissettes assiettes (or at least an indication thereof)! Aww.

(For new readers who don't know my obsession with grande aissettes and have no idea what I'm talking about: look at the way the sleeves are set in in the back. The big armholes. I think the correct term for that is grande aissette.)

P.S. I won the book. I feel unreal. I promise I'll share (as far as that is possible with copyrights, you know).