Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I'm continually proven wrong

I wrote that I was not fond of Edwardian clothes.

I'm not fond of the general Edwardian silhouette. I'm not very fond of the blouses and that stuff.

But dresses? Aww.

In a proper Dreamstress Rate the Dress fashion, this dress gets a full 10 from me, and deserves nothing less.

(Dress courtesy of the Rijksmuseum.)

Also, the loveliest of the wedding dresses in the UPM is Edwardian, but you'll still have to wait for photos of it. I haven't gotten around to properly editing them yet.


  1. Love the colors! Are the flowers embroidered?

  2. Yes, I believe the flowers are embroidered, but they're very plastic! Maybe ribbon embroidery?
    It's truly stunning, and the colours are fantastic. If Google translator is right, the purple is actually changeable blue/pink taffetta.

  3. Beautiful! It's very late Edwardian though...that helps the silhouette.

    Now I'm tempted to do a Rate the Dress on this to see what other people think! Is that OK with you?

  4. Of course it's OK with me! The more people see this beauty, the better. :-)

    Yes, I guess that helps the silhouette... it actually (very) vaguely reminds me of the dress Franz Ferdinand d'Este's wife wore on that fated day in Sarajevo (which is displayed on Konopiště, their residence) - and that was 1914.

  5. ooooh, i loooove that bodice and sleeves!

    congrats on your win. now if i get off my keister and get that box to you, you'll have multiple prizes!

  6. I love it!

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  7. I love this dress. Thanks for posting!

    ~Cora, who wandered here from Feelin' Feminine :)

  8. Welcome to my blog, then! :-) (Both of you. I somehow didn't have time to respond to you, Martina...)