Thursday 19 June 2014

1848 Jacket Sewalong: Quick post on problems with the pattern

By now, it's clear I'm late with the kacabajka. It's OK. I've finished the stays, I'll finish the kacabajka later. I'm now in the muslin-possibly-lining stage.

And I have noticed some things about the pattern that you should know of if you're planning on working on it (if you've already been working on it in the background, you probably already know). It's things that I may have to eventually rework the whole pattern for, but for now, it's warnings.

I've already noticed that the front pattern is too short in the shoulder-to-bust measurement, so I had to add to the shoulder / front armscye, and therefore also to the sleeve.
This, I think, has partly to do with my alterations of the pattern - the original wearer had a much shorter torso than me or your average modern pattern.

More importantly, the sleeve pattern as it was was already wrong - the seam did not match up; one side was about 2,5 cm shorter than the other - when you look at the piece, the left side is a bit too short under the elbow.
This is a problem that must already be present in the draft in the book, because I followed it closely.

I wanted to include pictures, but I guess it's better to put this out as soon as possible, even without pictures, than wait until I have good pictures to include...

Saturday 14 June 2014

Historical Food Fortnightly 1: Literature - Breadrolls (Mini breadrolls with caraway seeds)

This isn't HSF, this is HFF. People were inspired by the Historical Sew Fortnightly and outbranched with another aspect of reenacting, just like the HSF open to people who don't necessarily have to reenact. I love this.

Research and cook, in this case.

The first challenge was Literature:

1. Literary Foods  June 1 - June 14
Food is described in great detail in much of the literature of the past. Make a dish that has been mentioned in a work of literature, based on historical documentation about that food item. 

So this is mine. I should admit straight up that it's a bit of a joke. I'm Czech, OK? You'll see what that has to do with anything soon.

Thursday 12 June 2014

Finished and drying

Just a quick post to let you know I'm alive and indeed productive. :-) Well, sort of; it takes me longer than I want to because I let myself be distracted, and stuff. The usual. I'm a lazy person.

But I finished the Regency stays! Finished, finished, finished!

Washed and drying, ready to be worn! Photographed against the light, so you can sort of see the construction...

They are now, officially, ready to be entered into the Shape & Support HSF Challenge. But that can wait.

* * *

In other news, I could not find my seam ripper, only to just now find it hidden underneath a remnant of the white sari fabric from my sister's kathak skirt. As in, you know, the flimsiest thing possible to be hidden underneath.