Wednesday 12 October 2011

But the raw fish are so good!

That saying comes from a news article years ago, about some Asian country or other, where eating of traditional raw fish caused some health problems, or something, and the minister responsible for the resulting regulations said the above. In my family, "raw fish" has become synonymous with something irresistibly tasty we probably should not be eating, or not as much, but we still do, because it's so irresistibly tasty.

I've just had sushi for the first time in my life.

And it's definitely raw fish. Especially the kind to the right, which was covered with sesame seeds, nom.

Those two stains are result of my clumsiness with the sticks. I used up two napkins because I got the sauce everywhere.

I still liked it.

I went with a friend from a Czech web board, who's not such a sushi novice as I am. We went to an Asian bistro that offers both sushi and Chinese food. We shared the sushi, and both had Chinese plum wine to go with it, which is raw fish, too.

When we finished there, we went to a shop that sells dried fruits, nuts and other such tasties, and I got myself 150 g of licquorice. Licquorice is raw fish, too.

In other food news, I made myself sauerkraut soup with sour cream, Hungarian sausage and prunes/dried plums. Raw fish. Jodi, you can expect a write up on the soup - it's really simple, I just need to take a photo of this spiced up variant. ;-)

There's no sewing news. School has started, and I didn't have time to sew. Hopefully I'll get back to it soon, though. And to that Baltics series.