Saturday, 14 April 2012

Little (and greater) joys of life

When was the last time I sang along with some music I was listening to?

Until yesterday, I wouldn't be able to say.

On Friday, I sang along with this album (available for free download - click on the cover). I found it thanks to Anna of Pleasant View Schoolhouse (I owe a lot to her already...). I downloaded it back when she posted about it, and then forgot all about it, and rediscovered it in February this year and fell in love.

Still in love.

* ~ * ~ *

Another rediscovery: this greyish purple yarn is ooold. When I decided to rewind the falling apart original skein into more managable ball(s), I realised just how much I loved this colour.

Together with green and grey, too. Not this particular grey yarn, but maybe some other.

* ~ * ~ *

I'm slowly, gradually reorganising things in the household, to be easier and prettier. The above jar is part of that. This is another:

The nail scissors and related stuff used to be in an ugly old and too small paper box; it was secretly driving me crazy, because it was messy and you could not see properly what was inside.

Mom gave me two of these bowls yesterday - she had no use for them and I thought they could work for my reorganising.

This one certainly did.

* ~ * ~ *

I totally forgot to post about these two things that make me very happy.

I won a print by Leaping Gazelle Studios in Kellie's Ginormous giveaway a while back. I chose this fern leaf, and got these poppies I admired on top of that:

Our kitchen is starting to become poppy-infested - we're now working on new curtains, the same background colour but with poppies and white flowers on it. :-) I love poppies, and the colours of red and orange and yellow are perfect for our small, shady kitchen.

Thank you so much, Kellie and Lauren!

* ~ * ~ *

Other things I got: teapot and teacup and saucer set from my aunt. Rosehips jam and darjeeling tea from mom. Oh yes, and the bowl.

* ~ * ~ *

Violets. Pity I can't share the smell as well. They've gone wild in our garden.

* ~ * ~ *

This is old news, but that does not make it any less great:

"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!"

(Art by Barbora Veselá)


  1. I also owe a lot to Anna.

    I like your containers! "Little" things like that really do make a difference. I say "little" because they're not so little, really.

    Interesting artwork - compelling.

    1. Oh, and the artwork: she's a lady from our congregation, an artist; she created a a series of handmade paper reliefs/pictures - 14 stations of the cross and this fifteenth one. It was my favourite. :-)

  2. I am purposefully using these jars with decorative rims (?) - I'm covering their lids with colourful wrapping paper and creating themed containers.
    I wanted to post more about it later.
    And the bowls - they're impractical for food, but perfect for this!