Friday, 20 April 2012

Look what I've got! - the holidays edition

 It's been Easter already, and I'm finally showing you things I got in December...

A magnet from Estonia - swallow is the national bird of Estonia. It currently graces the metal side of a cupboard we are using as a household noticeboard.


 A 0,5 l mug. As close to "a cup of tea big enough" as they come... (Read "Other Worlds" by C.S. Lewis for the source of that popular quote; I'm currently unable to locate the exact essay in the book.) Plus, it's blue and white! And handmade. In short, it's perfect.

And another perfect cup - Snufkin from Arabia's Moomin Collection. (Snufkin's my favourite Moomin character.) Front...

... and back. It's now my coffee cup.
(My sister's got another one, which she uses as a pencil stand right now so that they would not get confused, and Hattifatteners, which father is "secretly" using to drink coffee from. And my sister is making him coffee into it, secretly, so that she would not know...)

I also got a camera bag. And a tripod! And two packages of Latvian herbal- and forest-scented bath salt. And a 0,5 kg box of Latvian baking soda for my no-poo routine. (Latvian, because you can't get such big packs of baking soda here in the Czech Republic - it only comes in small bags; so my sister promised to bring me some from Latvia.) And two of these lovely Polish dishes, one bigger, one smaller. And blueberry jam (long gone) and verbena tea (slowly running out of, *sniff*).

Now you know why.

And the teapot and cup and saucer set. And some other things I can't remember from the top of my head.

So, how do you like my bragging? Can you compare? ;-) What's your favourite cup/mug like? Coffee or tea?


  1. I like your bragging! :) and your mugs and other goodies. I have a few favorite mug in my cupboard.

    1. And what are they like? ;-)
      What are your favourite features in a mug? I like that the blue and white one and the white one from the set are fairly wide, so the tea goes colder soon (so it's not too hot for drinking, that is). As for Snufkin - well, it's Finnish design! A perfected shape.

  2. I totally get you on the "cup of tea big enough". I usually try to get the largest mugs I can find so I can get a decently-sized cup of tea--we call normal-sized mugs wimpy cups in my family!

    1. Hehe! We're not so picky here, but when I'm using a normal-sized cup, I always grab for it only to find the tea already gone. :-)