Friday, 9 March 2012

Dívka v modrém ("The Girl in Blue", 1939)

It would seem every single Czech 1930s comedy was a comedy of errors, mistaken and assumed identities... which is something I bear badly. (And the first Shakespeare I ever read was Comedy of Errors: go figure...)
But there are still some where I don't mind it, where there's a lot of hillarious situations and lines, and good actors and pretty clothes (of course); in short, some I love.
This is one of them.

It also features two of the three most prominent actresses of the time: Nataša Gollová as a young lady eager to re-marry so that she could change her name, Smutná ("Sad").

(Who usually looks much prettier and/or cuter than here. This hairstyle is so not her.)

And Lída Baarová, as a 17th century painting come alive.

And Oldřich Nový as a well-off lawyer/public notary in charge of an inheritance procedure, charged with keeping the painting, then forced to keep the lady and pretend she's his niece from the fictitious country of Hellianda; and plagued by eager-to-marry local ladies.

So yes, it also involves a 1939 version of 17th century costume.


And a lot of hillarious absurd situations springing from the incongruency of different eras.

Asking for "good old Czech breakfast, just a bit of soup, eggs, fruit and a cut of ham," or something along the lines of it.

Trying on a 1939 hat.

Being dressed by a 1930s housekeeper (who approves of good old Czech breakfasts).

While the town ladies are gossipping with a seamstress in her salon, preparing for a ball thrown by the new owner of the chateau.

Going to the ball, the girl in blue refuses to sit in a car and insists on a carriage drawn by real horse(s).

"Your toothpick's on fire!"

Here, that's the more usual Nataša Gollová. In a silly hat.

The girl in blue leaves a lasting impression on the ball... resulting in a string of suitors. Some more daring than others.

"So you come from Hellianda?"


"And what about those shoes?"

"Excuse me?"


"I could not lay hold of those..."

She was amused. And so was I.


  1. Oh goodness, it sounds hilarious! And the costumes are all so delicious. It's dreadfully naughty of you to keep posting about all these Czech films that I'll never be able to see :-(

    1. I feel similarly when people post about old obscure American or other films... More to come! :D Sorry... At least I share the costumes!