Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wearing a flower on Flower Sunday

That's Palm Sunday for you English speaking folk. And you're probably right; but in Czech, it's Flower Sunday.

There's a flower pin in my hair. Trust me. I just managed to turn myself to the other side for the photo, so you can't see much of it. But it's there.

Obviously, this is just a little variation on an outfit you've seen before, but it features a) a bag (Avon... from clothes exchange) b) a shawl (thrifted) - that you haven't seen yet. And the flower pin. (I bought the shawl this week. It's silvery blue-grey, 70 % cotton, 30% silk.)

It's what I wore to the theatre yesterday in the end. Minus the shawl, plus the other hairpin (it started falling apart a bit, so I left it out today). I wanted to wear something else (I'll show you tomorrow, I think), but that was a bit too summery for the colder weather we've got recently. So I wanted to keep warm and turned to the tried and trued Blueberry skirt outfit. And used the flower pins I made for my graduation ball. I'm rather surprised that I do not wear them more often...

There's certainly a reason why Easter is celebrated in Spring... on the northern hemisphere there's a reason, that is. I'm not sure about the South... For most years in my life, Easter Sunday was sunny and full of hope, so now my small hope is that this year's will be, too. Yesterday morning, I walked home from my aunt's in a village several kilometers away from my hometown (where I spent the night at her & mom's request, to be an adult presence for my cousins while aunt was away, just in case). It was so beautiful, almost glittery, and I felt so happy, I just had to sing. I started with Antonín Dvořák's rendition of Psalm 23... until I realised, to my shame, that I could not remember the words. :P So I switched to other songs, but that one's still playing in my head. It's too beautiful to forget just because I happened to forget the words for an instance.


  1. flower sunday... i love it! i would have adored flowers instead of palms as a young altar girl :)

    always remember, if you forget the words, sing "ah".

  2. I guess it's because there are very few palms in the Czech lands, so it got reworked over time. ;-)

    I would do "ah" if I were not so shocked that I forgot such a basic text...

  3. Thank you for reading my blog. I love it that you are not American as I love other countries. I am always watching dances from other countries, looking at ther dresses, making the food and learning bout the wonders of other lands.