Friday 8 April 2011

Non-sewing news

I finally planted the seeds. Left: basil; right: parsley. Hopefully. And cut a little bit of wood, and got a blister on my finger, stupid. And forgot to send my entry into the Thrifty 15 Challenge. But you will still get to see the results of my styling game, because in the process I came up with a nice outfit to wear when I go to theatre with my friend next Saturday. Only it did not fit into the budget.


  1. Hopefully LOL :-))
    Looking forward to the herbs! Just we'll use them in your cooking, not mine, because with my cooking style... Today I created a dill sauce that had the consistence of porridge.

  2. I've always wanted an herb garden, I hope they thrive.

  3. Hopefully, because the parsley seeds were, inside the big package, packed in a small package marked "fazol zahradní setý" (beans). :-) But, as father pointed out to completely puzzled me, beans are distinct and easy to recognize, so they can't be beans! :D

    I, too, hope they'll thrive.

  4. I love herbs too. Parsley is hard to grown. Mine work once in a while. I planted lettuce yesterday but then is hailed and rained alot. I hope they did not get washed away. And i hope our lettuce plants , garlic and peas areok. Read my blgo and follw if you wish.

  5. I really hope they will grow... parsley is my favourite, since kindergarten. Thank you for your comment, and I hope your herbs and vegetables will grow, too!