Sunday, 24 April 2011

The greatest time of all year

I'd love to write a nice Easter post, but I'm leaving soon... we have planned a hiking trip near Brno for tomorrow (which is a holiday in CR - while Great Friday isn't, phew).
So just... yes, it's sunny. Almost too sunny. The church was full of children. We stayed afterwards, talking to people, till 12 o'clock... Lilacs are starting to bloom, I smelled them.
It's life. Living. Being able to live. Oh my.


  1. Happy Easter - have fun! Those lilacs are beautiful.

  2. The photo is old... 2006? But they still are where they were in our garden. :.-) Just blooming later, because our garden is fairly shaded.

    The trip ended up shorter than planned because of heavy rain, but before the rain I made some pretty photos. I think. My camera batteries died, so I can't check until I come home from school. :-) We visited a Jewish cemetery - those are always fascinating places and this one was no different.