Sunday, 1 May 2011

Jewish cemetery in Lomnice

The Easter Monday hiking trip did not go as planned - we wanted first to go to Lomnice, a small town/township village, then to a hill with a observation tower, and from there back to Tišnov to train. But when we were in the township, a storm came with heavy rain, so we ended up sitting in a restaurant, and then going by bus to train. No observation tower this time.
But in spite of the trip being very short, it was beautiful and I took 125 photos (126 with a deleted blurry one). And thanks to the approaching storm, my photos from the township's Jewish cemetery have fantastic lighting.

The cemetery is less ivy-infested than Jewish (or all old) cemeteries tend to be, and very beautiful. Here and there, there are small bunches of flowers hidden in the grass (though inexplicably almost none of them found a way into my photos). Since the days of its use, houses with gardens grew around it, giving it an almost homely feel.

This last photo is enhanced - it was taken against the sun, so I tried to bring out the details... Not as good as I hoped it could be, but it's a foreshadowing of the heavy rain that came soon afterwards.


  1. The photos are really great! I love (jewish) cemeteries :)

  2. So do I. :-)
    Na Sjezdu v Kolíně jsem využila příležitosti a šla na prohlídku židovského hřbitova. Ten kolínský je jeden z těch břečťanových. A taky je asi o dost starší než tenhle. Je tam pohřbený nějaký příbuzný rabbiho Löwa (už nevím, jestli to byl zeť nebo kdo), což naznačuje, jak starý asi je. :-)

  3. Did you say that something is as ols as you? Sorry - some of the words were close enough-looking to Polish, that I couldn't resist trying to read your comment. But that's all I could get out of it! :)

  4. No. :-) I wrote about the Jewish cemetery in Kolín - that it's probably much older than this one, because there's a relative of Rabbi Löw buried there - which suggests how old it probably is.

  5. Ah, well - I should give up! And I forgot to say how enjoyable the photos are.