Saturday, 28 May 2011

Photos from Germany

This is a random post... I'm experimenting with putting up pictures from another photo-storing site. And using my beautiful photos from Germany for it. I was in Germany with school in April 2004, just the week before Czech Republic entered European Union... the day we crossed the border back to Czech Republic was the last day of not being in European Union. :-) It was quite symbolic. (Of course, we entered the Schengen zone later. But still...)

These photos were taken with a "chemical" camera, and are as I scanned them and altered them for a school project in German. That's why they're in black and white (I needed to print them out) and have German writings underneath.

Bamberg has a beautiful medieval oldtown... I loved it most of all the places we visited. Cobblestone streets, frame houses, the cathedral... (Also, I bought one of my favourite T-shirts of all time there. :D)

Würzburg is another old city. I believe there's a huge baroque palace somewhere in the centre, but this old mailbox was my favourite thing there...

Well - on the experimental front, I think it is a success. It takes more editing to get rid of some writings underneath the photos directing you to the site (, but that's doable. When I run out of space on Blogger (still far away in the future), I have another space to turn to.


  1. Great photos, Hana - beautiful.

  2. I love these photos. There is something about a black and white photo that I love.

    I think it would be cool if I took a trip to Germany.

    Grace Kathleen

  3. There certainly is something to black and white photos... something I cannot lay my finger on.

  4. this is funny, because i have to learn art history facts this weekend (the exam will be on monday) and you wrote a post about bamberger dom... (: reminded me that i should go offline and study!