Friday, 1 April 2011

A shoutout for a fellow costumer...

And a more experienced one, and more businesslike in mind. But still a fellow costumer.

American Duchess started a line of historical shoes with a fabulous dyeable silk 18th century pair (for modern feet).

You can pre-order them on her new site, - if there are at least 100 pre-orders, they'll go into production. So if you want this pair of shoes and have the money, rush to pre-order! The pre-order lasts till April 22nd.

I won't set an example. I don't have the money and have no excuse for silk 18th century shoes. I'm saving for a holiday in Latvia and Estonia. But I think from now on I'm also saving for either the leather pair or the Regency slippers that are promised to come if this first pair manages to make it past pre-orders... because I do have an excuse for Regency slippers, and because the type of heel you can see on these shoes here is the most comfortable I can imagine, and I could use a leather pair like that to wear with my skirts and dresses.


  1. gorgeous..... drooling. and hoping some shoe company in town buys a bulk order :)

  2. I wonder if she is open to that?