Saturday 4 September 2010

My Blueberry skirt

Today I wore, and plan to wear tomorrow to the church:
- the usual headscarf
- a thrifted 7/8 sleeve blue T-shirt
- a Vandenberg T-shirt underneath for additional warmth (although it turned out not to be necessary; but at least it sort of compliments the colour of the shoes)
- a beige sweater from a clothes exchange
- my Blueberry skirt (details below)
- striped blue above-knee stockings (or whatever it's called) from a shop in Brno
- thrifted modern shoes with vintage appeal (a different pair from the one that did not fit me - these fit just right), my new favourite pair; but apparently, even with the grass cut, you can't see much of my shoes in these garden shots
- a slip underneath the skirt which you naturally cannot see (that's the point!)

It was my favourite skirt. It was the perfect length and shape for me (A-line, just under the knee). It had a fun flounce/ruffle on the bottom. It was made of corduroy. And to top it off, it was thrifted and I got it from my mom, it was one of her lucky finds for me (she's had at least three other perfect lucky blind buys for me that I can remember from the top of my head).

And just when it was the only thing I had with me to wear to a January wedding, it got burnt by an old iron with a faulty thermostat. I did wear it to the wedding (fortunatelly it was a very intimate event where all the focus was really on the couple getting married and not whatever I wore), but it was the last time for a long time.

It was lingering in my stash of things to remake and salvage for about a year, I think. I thought of applique. But with the flounce, I feared an applique would turn it into something blindingly silly-girly. The flounce was in my comfort zone in that aspect, but what kind of applique could it be not to make it into some kind of misguided poodle skirt? Everything I thought of seemed to be teetering too close to the edge.

Then I found this and I knew that was it. Of course, I did it my way. Among other things, I did not have felt in this olive-green colour, so I went with blue felted wool instead (out of a thrifted skirt). That's the way with OutsaPop's blog. Most of the time, her style and the style she features is way out there for me, and way too edgy and dark-coloured and what-have-you... you know what I mean, don't you? I'm simply not the person to wear that style, not at all. But I can relate to her trashion values and from time to time, there's something simply fabulous. And a little of that kind of edge was exactly what this skirt needed. It's still cute, but not in a straight-into-your-face kind of way. At least I think so.

And the name? Even though I really love blueberries (if you at some point feel a need to buy my affections, a simple blueberry yoghurt or bluberry ice cream is very likely to do the job), I did not think of it when I made it. Then I wore it to church, and the minister remarked that it looked like blueberries. And that was the last bit to make this skirt my absolute favourite.

Happy Ending.