Friday 28 January 2011

A bit more hope for the pink poplin

So, because I'm prone to forgetting, I'm preparing a batch of posts to be posted on a schedule automatically, while I still remember to do it. :-)

Do you remember the Very Pink Poplin of Doom?

I've found another fabric companion for it. Even better than the flowered seersucker, because this one is a bit of a white elephant in itself.

It used to be a random, cotton-polyester, US-originated pillowcase that I have no idea how we had obtained. Several years ago, at the beginning of my sewing career, I tried to make a blouse out of it, which turned out to be more of a failed muslin (because the pattern Did Not Fit, and the wear of the pillowcase showed more than I expected).
It's been lying around somewhere all the years. Now I think I still can salvage it into something usable. Probably not wearable, but usable.


  1. So now you have two fabrics that you don't know what to do with? That poplin is VERY pink!

  2. I'm thinking some kind of patchwork... to tone down the Very Pink-ness.
    But I'm not sure WHAT to make out of the patchowrk...