Saturday, 29 January 2011

The paintings from those colour palettes

So that you don't have to wonder.

Václav Brožík: Sleeping Governess. Undated.
This is a weird picture. It seems like a costume - not 19th century!

Vojtěch Hynais: Lady with Violets. Ca 1896.

Hynais: Lady with a Fan. 1891.

Hynais: Lady in a Pink Dress. 1880.

Karl Joseph Stieler: Princess Amelie Auguste of Bavaria. Ca 1823.
I've discovered this painting thanks to the Dreamstress's Rate the Dress. Amelie Auguste is the only one so far who rated 10/10. It's now my Favourite Dress Ever.


  1. How interesting that you actually had the idea of certain color-schemes from paintings! And such lovely paintings, too.

  2. I did it in MS Paint... I'm not sure what is the tool called in English, but I used it to keep picking colours from the paintings until I arrived at colour schemes I liked. :-)