Monday, 31 January 2011

Regency jewellery

The V&A is really a treasury... don't you love this necklace?

I think I've finally found a piece of Regency jewellery I'd really love to wear! The original is mosaic. I smell a new use for the acrylic paint in my future. Not sure what to paint on, but I'll think of something by the time it's relevant... Thankfully, there's a jewellery shop near my school, so I think I can get the other components easily. *giggle*

Oh, and a tiara would be nice, too. Hehe.

A set of gold and malachite jewellery from the UPM.
UPDATE: I've found a detailled online photo of this tiara. So you can see it better. Here.


  1. That necklace! Drool.... And I know just the person who could make one for me! I could even use the collection of moths Felicity catches for the butterflies!

  2. Would Felicity give them up, though? ;-)
    I was thinking of painting little miniatures of real butterflies... We have a set of playing cards with butterflies, used to play a lot with them when we were children; it would be sort of a childhood memory. Of course I'd use my favourites. :-)