Friday, 28 January 2011

Playing with colours

Colette Patterns organize a "Spring Palette Challenge" where you first define a colour palette and then sew spring clothes in those colours...

By no means am I participating. Ten weeks is hardly enough time for me. (FYI, I still haven't finished the medieval workdress. Yes, I know.)

But it doesn't hurt to look out for colours with a fresh mind.

For example, this is what I found in my wardrobe:

Those are my long-sleeved T-shirts (well, 7/8-sleeved in case of the blue and the purplish).

And this is what I saw in our bathroom:

See? It works.

I played with colours in another way, too. Outi Pyy suggested on her blog creating colour palettes from photos we like. I did it with paintings. Here are some of my results:

As you can see, with some of them I couldn't bring myself to stop. :-)


  1. Even if I hadn't seen your photo, I'd know from these palates that you have brown eyes. I don't know if it's because brown eyed women see colours differently from blue eyed, or if it's about what colours suit us so we grow to prefer them? But there is a definite pattern of colour preference and eye colour. Love your palates, by the way! :)

  2. Sorry to disappoint you, but you're wrong. :-)
    My eyes are a variable shade of grey. From blue to green. Mostly grey.
    Both my sisters have brown eyes, though.
    I'm kind of a warmer summer type, if you play colours this way. I.e., theoretically I should wear soft, cold hues, but in fact look just as good in slightly greyish/blueish warm hues. :-)

  3. Hana, the first part of your post indicates something which you may or may not want to see; that the matching t-shirts and rubber gloves can mean only one thing - there's no getting out of doing the housework, although you can certainly look well while doing it!

  4. They're very cheery combinations! Especially that first one. (Great antidote to winter weather blahs-- you're tempting me to play around a bit myself!)

  5. Lisa: Hehe. But I don't use rubber gloves if I can get out of it... I can't stand the sweating!

    Becky: If you do, I'd like to see yours!

  6. I'm quite pleased actually - in spite of often having these thoughts I don't like the idea of us all being so predictable :)