Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The very simple favourites

I already posted something today, but I felt a need to share my very simple favourite things to wear...

- The usual headscarf
- Thrifted hoodie I got from my sister
- A cheap, long, flowy broomstick skirt, part polyester, part linen(!) - the linen part certainly must be what makes it so popular with me.
- My Andrea blouse underneath the hoodie. You can see nothing of it, but I have to include it for sake of integrity.

That photo is a proof of why I won't make this a daily feature. I started hanging the laundry to dry, and then I realised that I put it in the view of my usual self-photographing backdrop, so if I wanted to take photo of this favourite outfit of mine, I had to experiment with another place to put the camera and another place to stand. (There was Adéla in the usual view, too, apparently bent more by the recent rains - you can see a bit of her in the bottom right.) And that's why you see only part of my favourite skirt. Our garden is very small and very much like a jungle. That's probably the reason why the cats like to live there.


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    You can also send me drawings/art work and articles about God/being a Christian.

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  2. Hey, I'm following you, too. You've a very interesting blog!

  3. I love your skirt. I've been trying to find more skirts that I can wear in the wintertime. What is the weather like there?

  4. Megan: OK, I commented back on your blog.

    Jodi: Thank you! It's still evolving - I meant it mostly really as dress diaries (tracing of my sewing progress), but I keep stumbling upon other things, slightly related, that I want to share, so it's constantly changing shape...

    Stephanie Ann: It depends. Sometimes they're relatively warm and mostly rainy. Sometimes they're what we call "dry freeze" - under zero and no snow. The last winter was very cold, very long and very snowy. But I figured if I wear two skirts like this one, one underneath the other, it's perfectly fine even in such cold winter, eventually also with a slip, for additional layer and warmth. I plan to make a cotton petticoat soon, because that will be even better for winter.
    Although I do not only wear skirts. :-)