Friday 20 August 2010

Uncountable blessings

Sometimes, Someone is trying to tell you something.
I won't elaborate. It's complicated and personal and stupid (on my part). Just this: if you ever feel like I'm getting selfish and self-centered, please, do me a favour and whisper "woolen thread" into my ear.
Woolen thread, because I've been gifted this:

I'm actually not sure if all of it is 100% wool, but even then...
Most of it is actually something between very thin yarn and thread, but even then...

Just do me that favour, please.

A person may count their blessings, one by one. I'm not that person. I am not good with numbers. I think my blessings are uncountable, and I like it that way.
But I should keep trace of them more often, or I forget that they are blessings.

So here are some of them:

Blog posts that make me giggle.

A sprig of lavender:

A dandeliony flower:

This sight out of a window:

Featuring Lemmi, The White Tomcat, The Tomcat That Looks Like A Rabbit:

And the butterfly bush, AKA Adéla:

(Adéla is named after the crazy Czechoslovakian comedy "Adéla ještě nevečeřela" = "Adele Hasn't Had Her Dinner Yet", namely after the flower of that name in the film.)

And the butterflies which I cannot photograph, but which have spots of matching violet colour on their wings.

And then, of course, my dearest Bisha The Black-And-White One Who Is Not Having Legs:

And Yksi The Penetrator whom you already know:

And Kaksi The Jostling One, The Most Cuddly One, Who Is Hard To Photograph:

Which now makes you acquainted with all the cats we currently have.

And my family's love for language(s) and my father's tendency to give our cats Taboo Names, which I'm copying here.

And the infinitely comfortable linen dress I'm wearing.

And a friend who's willing to help me make a duct tape dress form.

And C.S. Lewis's writing, but that's most certainly not only my blessing.

I think there's a word for all this, and it begins with ineff-, and everyone who's read Good Omens knows what it is. And referring to a funny book is not exactly the best way to end this post, but I can't help it.

For those who have not read Good Omens, the word is ineffable.


  1. It's good to count your blessings. The cats are adorable.

  2. Yes. Except that they're really uncountable.

    The cats are not only adorable, but also fun to have around. Each of them is different, and it's fun to watch them interact, between themselves and with us.

  3. Very nice list! I'm happy to meet you.:)

  4. I'm happy to meet you! Thanks to Stephanie Ann's bloglist.