Wednesday 4 August 2010

Now that I've mentioned the sunglasses...

... I have to show you. Even though I wrote they were of no consequence for this blog. Because they make me happy.

I do not feel like a super-stylish person or anything, but sometimes what I wear makes me really happy, and when something makes me really happy, it's hard to keep it to myself. Therefore, I introduce a new category of posts, "Daily outfits".
It is absolutely not going to be a daily feature, do not worry. (For one, I wouldn't want to have to take photos of myself daily, with having to position the camera somewhere safely, finding a nice backdrop etc.) But I think that documenting things I like wearing could be useful in some time. It might eventually help me get rid of things I do not like to wear, and protect me from obtaining things I wouldn't like to wear (not that that's much of a problem lately)...

This was my outfit today and on Monday, and it really makes me happy:

The headscarf is something cheap and synthetic I got in a Czech variation on a dollar store. So are the sunglasses. I'd say those two things are good reasons for visiting a dollar kind of shop from time to time. I wear the headscarf all the time, it goes with most clothes I have, and unlike with other kinds of clothes, I do not mind its artificiality too much.
The T-shirt you cannot see much of, but it's a really pretty, smooth, quite nicely fitting orange T-shirt that I bought in a secondhand shop for 10 CZK. A fantastic, almost unbelievable combination of quality and price, I think... It's the first orange T-shirt I've ever had, and I think this kind of orange suits me well. Especially if paired with white baby corduroy trousers. Very summery, don't you think?
The best (and most expensive) part is the shawl. (And the ring, which you also cannot see much of. I got the ring from my grandma at my baptism. So it's a special kind of keepsake.) The shawl I bought in a shop with Indian clothes. Handpicked in India by the owner. I'd wanted a shawl like that for some time (since my sister bought one, actually). Originally I was thinking of a beige one - I wear a lot of beige - but then this one popped up, and it was just perfect. From a distance it looks like it has several hues of rusty colour, but in fact it's just orange-y red and black woven in patterns. Very clever! It goes well with both my browns and my blues or greens - and now with my oranges, too. Outside of serving as a shawl, it can also double as a skirt worn over trousers in cold days, as a blanket in very hot nights, and as a bag when I buy too many books to fit into my backpack... Been there, tried that. It works.

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