Saturday 14 July 2012

Oona, you made my day

Yesterday was a cloudy, rainy, cold (17 degrees Celsius? What a summer!) day when I felt like doing nothing but sleeping.
Then my sister went to the mailbox and said there was some fabric for me.
Fabric? I thought.

Fabric indeed. Oona, you may claim to be a selfish brat, but your Pay It Forward is fabulous!

Fabric bangles, as promised. Just the thing to wear with my orange T-shirt. Or my beige T-shirts. Or my blues. Clever.

The aforementioned fabric. The roses look familiar - or is it just me? They demand to be a lacy dress overlay, somehow. The other fabric, an embroidered shiny blue fabulousness that cannot be as well seen on the photo as I thought, probably wants to be a fabulous shiny blue embroidered skirt. Together, the fabrics reminded me of my beloved Latvian mittens.

And then there's the CD, "Oona's Jumpin' July".

Oona, have you been peeking into my house the last ten years or so? Because that's exactly what I do. Jump around.
I must admit not all of the songs are my cup of tea, but others are very much so, so it balances out. The last one? Wow.

Now I must finally gather my wits and courage and material and everything and do my PIF. I like that acronym, don't you?


  1. Aren't friends wonderful. We, in California - northern - are having very gloomy days and I have been very depressed by it. I was doing chores and went to put out the trash - opened my door and there was a package for Moi! A friend had sent me 2 vintage dresses and two pairs of long white kid gloves! She found them and thought they would fit me! I love my friends. Your Oona is a jewel!

    1. Oona's a sunshine. Just check her blog! And surprises like that are the best.

  2. ooooooooooooooh i am SO HAPPY that last tune was your thing! that's my favorite band (of all genres), the bad plus, that i yammer on about on le blog. i was hoping to introduce them to some new ears with that tune, i hope they don't mind.

    i must pay homage to mercury handmade for the pale blue embroidered fabric, it was part of the lovely one/one swap package she sent me. i couldn't think what to do with it and it was waaaaay too beautiful to languish in my stash. i just know you'll do something amazing with it.

    so glad you like your box, my dear friend!

    1. So it's Pay It Forward twice. :-) Thank you for everything.

      I think it worked. I'm going to look up more from them... Marta said, though, that if I wanted to jump around in rhythm to that song, I'd jump myself to death. ;-)

  3. Beautiful rose fabric! Lucky you!

    1. I'm thinking of some ways to make YOU lucky with my Pay It Forward... Hopefully I'll manage it. :-)