Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My sister in violets (yet again)

Remember how I mentioned in the post with my Little Black Dress that I took photos of my sister's outfit and they did not turn out right?

Today, I took about 80 photos of my sister and none of them turned out quite the way we needed. (Photographing people is definitely one of the things I am not going to make my living by.) We needed a good, publishable photo of her in her kathak costume, preferrably in a kathak pose, too. And that's where the problems came in - either the clothes did not look good in the photo, or the pose was not right, or the light was not right. Or all of them.

But we did manage to take a rather good photo of her in the outfit she had worn back then.

The shawl, the skirt and the bangles come from a shop with Indian clothes. The bag is of uncertain origins. The shoes are mine, and I made the blouse/T-shirt for her.
She wears her shawls draped over her shoulders this way very often - something she picked from Indian women, along with the dance (although she learned kathak in Latvia :-).

For her birthday, I'm going to make her a blouse to wear with her planned new kathak costume, according to her specific needs and likes. (Namely, she wants a white blouse with longer sleeves that reaches below her waist - something more modest than a choli.) It's good to be able to do that.

(Although I was not very successful on the photographing front today, I scored at the local library. But that's a topic for another post.)


  1. Its a lovely outfit, I think you did just fine on the photo.

  2. Photography is a real hit and miss isn't it? Sometimes I do photoshoots and every image is gorgeous and I want to show you all 300, other times 3 hours of photos results in only 3 shots I'll make public.

    I love the new pale blue & white blog look.

    1. Yes, it is. And I'm just learning how to photograph people...

      Thanks - I like the look, too. ;-)