Friday, 4 March 2011

How to knit a stocking instead of a sock?

By casting on 12 more stitches than necessary and being too lazy to unravel it and start again when you figure out it's too big.
It's actually perfect size for an under-the-knee stocking. At least for me, because I'm using my leg to figure out the fit as I go.
It was meant to be warm socks for my sister (part of my "payment" for the green saree). Either it will fit her, and she'll like it as a stocking, too - in that case, it's still for my sister. Or she will not, and I'll keep it and keep warm on cold winter evenings. Either way, not so bad.
Oh, and it's another thing I made from my joyful aqua yarn, which I bought in a thrift store. In retrospect, it probably wasn't so much cheaper than it would be in a normal shop. But it's fun. Maybe too bright for me. But fun. And very soft and pleasant to the touch.

In other news, I received my first ugly anonymous comment. I deleted it.
Very short, too. I wonder why do these people bother. I'd set up the word verification thing on my blog comments. The word verification might have been longer than what that person wrote in the comment. Really, why do they bother? *sigh* (I actually think I know, and it's rather sad.)


  1. I think it's easier just to delete bad comments. I don't mind people disagreeing with me but there's no reason to use certain words or make unwarranted assertions. Don't let them bother you.

  2. It was the kind of comment that I could only delete. No reason to leave it hanging there, and deleting it was quite an automatic thing to do.
    So what's bothering me is not really that comment, because that's easily deleted. It's rather the feeling of what lies behind that comment...
    I simply think I know why. The comment appeared at the last post, with the song, and I think it was because that person cannot come to terms with what the last line of that song says. I think it was because the person is kind of envious of me, and hates to admit it, and that's why they overreact in this way. And I feel sorry for that person.
    Because I've experienced it in real life. That person eventually admitted it, and it was quite fine from then on (it cleared out a few things on my side, too). So I can't help wishing that whoever wrote that comment, they'd get to admit it one day.
    That's all. They don't have to agree with me. I just wish they'd realise what's the matter. (And, if I can go on wishing, that they'd do more constructive things with their time after they realise it. After all, writing a comment that gets deleted half-automatically is a total waste of time.)

  3. I love this color! so sorry about the mean comment you got. I got one, too, last week. Very strange.

  4. I love this color, too. It's so fresh!

  5. Such a cheery color! I'm sure your sister will love it.

    And sorry about the ugly comment--the word verification definitely helps tone some of that down.

  6. In the end I think I'll keep this pair, and make her another one - because I made some mistakes and didn't notice until after a while, and then was too lazy to unpick it and do again.

    I think the word verification really helps, because apparently it tones it down only to the most dedicated. Which, as of now, was two comments. Seeing as this blog has been running for a year now, and these two comments appeared only now, that's not too bad. In other view, it also indicates that my blog has grown into something worth abusing. :D

  7. Odd question, but what is the difference between a sock and a stocking for you? For me, it is the fineness of the thread/yarn, and how high they go, so I'm confused how you can start out knitting a sock and end up with a stocking!

  8. In this case, it's how high they go - I started with more stitches than necessary for a sock, so now it goes much higher.
    Mind you, English is not my first language, so I do not understand all little nuances of meaning in it. In Czech, the terms and didstinctions are completely different (some are differentiated by how high they go, some also by how fine the yarn is - it's not a single set of terms, so to say.)