Friday, 18 March 2011

On my mind: weird weather and other anomalies

It had been raining since Tuesday; then, today, the rain suddenly turned into snow. And then into rain again.
There's no snow left in the garden now. This photo (bad quality, I know) was taken at around 3 PM when it was already raining again but there still was snow left.
I spent a considerable time outdoors in the rain and snow and cold - and my spring shoes got wet inside, meaning my socks got wet, too, and naturally also my feet.
Good thing I was still wearing my winter jacket.
Also, it is a very good thing in such circumstances to take a good, very warm bath right after you arrive home. Which I did.

This weekend, I wanted to dig out soil from the compost pile and plant herb seeds into pots. If it keeps raining, I'm not sure I can do that. *sigh*

My computer at school is working again - it turns out it was just the switch on the power source! It must have been hit by something accidentally. I didn't know there was a switch on the back of the computer, so I didn't think of this option...
But there wasn't much to blog about. And won't be. I'll most probably be creating things on and off between other things to do, but it most probably won't be very show-worthy.

I'm thinking of participating in the Thrifty 15 Challenge. I got lots of my clothes, and even a pretty pair of shoes, in a clothes exchange my cousin organizes - virtually for free, so I think I can arrive to a point where the most expensive item in my outfit would be my stockings... sounds fun. :-)


  1. Wet feet--yuck. Warm baths--ahh. Weather's been funny over on this side of the pond, too.

  2. It's been cold here but thankfully no snow... Recently I can't tell if I need my heavy coat until I am outside. I can't wait for it to be universally warm.

  3. That is some pretty strange weather thats for sure. I sincerely hope that your planting plans can occur as it is that time of year - time for fresh starts.

  4. I bet you're feeling the same about snow and cold as I am about sunshine and heat. Like seasonal fatigue. Don't worry, you can dig out your compost soon! (By the way, I'm interested to know how composting works in colder climates... Our compost ticks over at a rather vulgar rate because of the warmth...)

  5. Our compost pile is just that - a pile, and it's sadly neglected... so one of the things I ought to do is also turning it over. But it works better than a composting bin my mom got herself some time ago. I really think in this particular climate we have (mild, slightly continental but still affected by the Atlantic ocean) this neglected type of compost pile works surprisingly well. :-)
    It's not raining today! And I have to go to a meeting about the youth magazine. :-( Hopefully this weather will stay with us till tomorrow.

    Steph, I actually don't mind cold that much. Certainly less than heats, because as I figured out last summer, I'm actually sort of allergic to heats - for whatever reason, I get running nose in heats!
    What was driving me crazy was this sudden change - it's been around 12-16 degree Celsius for almost two weeks, so we got used to the thought of spring, and now it's suddenly back at 5 (today). And snow!!! I don't mind snow, especially not lots of snow, but this rain-and-snow thing is annoying...