Monday 21 March 2011

Pay It Forward 2011

It's time I embarked on making the internet a better place...

A little bit of it, at least.

Oonaballoona is doing the same. She got it from Nette. Who knows where it started.

But it's quite simple, and no one needs to know where it started. Just pay it forward. Make the world a more pleasant place.

So, going with the spirit of the thing: The first five people who comment on this post will eventually get a small handmade gift from me. There's just one catch: you have to pay it forward. Give out small handmade gifts to five of your own readers. It doesn't have to be much. Small. Just to be nice. Just to make someone a little happier.

Spring has come back. I hope it's here to stay.

EDIT: There are still two slots left, so if you're up to it, you can still enter!


  1. I like the simplicity and the depth of this and I'd like to be a part of it.

  2. Oh what a lovely idea! I'd love to do it too.

  3. Well, Hana - you're not getting many takers, are you? I've been thinking about it - what I could possibly make for five people. But I guess I could think of something!

    Ok, count me in, please.

  4. Neither was Oona, Lisa. :-) It's OK, we want people who will take the challenge, and time does not matter. :-)
    It really can be something small and simple.

    BTW, I did not make it very clear in the post - you'll have to write a post like this, too - so I know you're really paying it forward.

  5. Okay, so - what if you don't get five people? Can you not do it unless there's five?

    And me - do I post about it now? Or wait until I receive your gift?


  6. Okay, I just read Nette's remarks. I will post about it tomorrow. (I have so few readers, I wonder if I'll get anyone who wants to do it!)

  7. Sorry for not explaining it properly. I tried to make it as simple and powerful as possible, and kind of overlooked the practical aspect of the thing...

    I'd do it even if I got only one person. After all, if you get less than five, there is always room for more people who can come later...

  8. Okay, Hana - I did my post. We'll see what happens!