Monday, 14 March 2011

Do you wear your clothes till they fall apart?

The percentage of questions among my recent post titles is rising steeply.

But that's not what I wanted to write about.
No, what I wanted to write about is this: a pair of corduroy trousers of mine tore, irredeemably.

They were not of very high quality (not to mention fit) to begin with. Surprisingly, they have lasted for several years. I expected them to fall apart any moment - they were already almost worn through at the thigh, and that's also where they tore.

It's a strangely rewarding feeling when you wear your clothes for years till they fall apart. It's as if you got everything you could out of them.

It would be nicer if they did not tear while I was on a train on my way home from school but, say, when I already arrived home. Still, I got more than I expected out of them, and that's nice enough.

In contrast, there is the pair of winter boots I got last year. They are literally falling apart now. That's not a lifespan I expect from a pair of winter boots (or anything outside of a bee, for that matter). Aaargh.

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