Saturday 18 December 2010

Good pair of woolen mittens

Few things are better in winter than a good pair of woolen mittens/gloves.

This pretty pair I got from my sister a week ago (I had birthday last week). She had bought them on a market in Riga, Latvia.

They're probably knitted on a machine, but otherwise this type of mittens is apparently traditional in Latvia (and other northern countries). Although maybe usually in more earthy colours. My sister picked these blue ones for me, because blue suits me better.

I love how bright they are - they pop out among the blacks most people wear in winter around these parts! Plus they have two layers and are really just luxurious...

These are handmade by my grandma. I got them... years ago. Which would explain why they wore through at one thumb:

I bought woolen yarn in the same colour and carefully strengthened the worn-through thumb and sewed the hole together. So hopefully they'll last for many more years.

I personally haven't got to this level of knitting yet - although I'm already able to make fingerless mittens, even with the thumb. On the five sock needles.
But if you cannot knit on five sock needles, you can quite easily cheat around that:

I wanted to make a pair for a lady I occasionally buy magazines from in the street. I had noticed she didn't have any gloves. But last time I got a glimpse of her, she had already been provided with a good pair of gloves, so this joyful aqua pair of fingerless mittens will go to somebody else.


  1. I love those blue mittens! I wish I could knit and crochet...

  2. Oh, what gorgeous blue mittens! I absolutely love fair isle type designs like that! They look so nice and warm=)
    I also love the creamy handmade gloves, and the aqua pair is truly joyful! Such a happy color!

  3. Happy Birthday! I also have a December birthday. Your sister picked out some pretty mittens for you, and the white gloves are very nice, too. I've still never used double pointed needles. I've made mittens, but sewed a seam up the sides. And right now, I'm making leg warmers, but flat - I'll make a seam on those, too. Some day I will decided it's time to try to dpn's!

  4. Lisa, don't be afraid of dpn's - in some ways, it's easier than normal knitting - you don't have to switch sides! And I learned the technique on sharpened wooden sticks from the kitchen, so you even don't have to invest in the needles. :-)

  5. Oh, my - you're an original! :)