Saturday 17 November 2012

I've always wanted to take one of these


Yesterday, I found myself in Prague again (that's a good beginning). More importantly, I found a free Metro newspaper in the metro, with one of those elusive (so far, to me) fabric coupons for a certain fabric shop.

So I thought, if I have enough time let's go and see if I can find something that I actually need (that's the important part) and get it with a discount.

So I went, in the end; and could not find anything I needed. I wanted nice white lightweight cotton for the 1848 skirt. No luck there; I only found brown lightweight cotton, which was very nice, but not what I needed. I wanted cotton shirting, with the idea of maybe making my father a shirt for Christmas. No luck there at all.

So I thought, I don't have enough lining in my stash, let's take a look at the linings. While searching for linings (the shop was rather crowded, probably because more people have found their coupons in the Metro newspaper), I found a remnants rack with satins and the like; mostly the evil polyester stuff. I went through them, just in case. I noticed a burgundy red that could go as a lining with a fabric in my stash...

I touched it, and fell in love. I looked at the label. It was 100% silk.

Not very surprisingly, it went home with me.

Now, the question is, do I really turn it into a lining for that fabric? I'm not quite sure there's enough of the silk. And: It's not so apparent in the photo, but in real life, the colours are not quite the same. The fabric in my stash is a little bit more yellowish than the silk. And it's a mystery fabric (I got it from my friend's mother) and putting a luxurious silk lining into it feels somewhat incongruous with it; I haven't put it through the burn test yet, but my bet is it's not natural fibre.

I want to make a very classic blazer out of it; something like this:

(That's from Mrs Style Book 2006/11)

Silk lining would go well with that, admittedly.

But holding the silk fabric, I also became convinced that it had to become a gift for my mom. I had promised her a blouse... something like this, though worn sepearately:

(The same book. I suspect it's actually a pattern for a stretchy fabric, though.)

But I'm not quite sure if it's my mom's colour, either. The problem with gifts is, you can't check without telling them... I could, alternatelly, turn it into a camisole for her (she deserves a silk camisole; I already have one; it's featured among my "Remake the RTW" plans, though, and maybe I could squeeze two out of the fabric anyway), but then, isn't this fabric too beautiful to be restricted to underwear?

Oh, the troubles a lucky seamstress goes through! If I become convinced enough it's mom's colour, I'll go with the blouse. I promised, and it looks like the sort of style this fabric would shine as. Now, aren't I glad I found a shop that carries silk thread? Oh yes, I am.

Off to read about stylistics. That's a linguistic term, not a fashion one.


  1. Oooh...what a happy find! Such a gorgeous colour too. I vote make the blouse - don't waste it on the lining for a jacket, especially if it is the same colour as the outer fabric (I'm a firm believer in linings with contrast and interest).

    Can't wait to see what you make out of it - whatever that is!

    1. Yes, I'm about 99,9% decided for the blouse now. :-) It does look a lot more like mom's colour now that I have washed it (it leaked like there was to be no tomorrow... I gave it a brief vinegar bath that somehow made it even more luxurious.)

      I'm a firm believer in linings that are either: a) completely without interest (such as, the outer shell has enough interest on its own), therefore matchy-matchiness is allowed and required; b) interesting and/or fun. This would sit somewhere in between those two, so it just does not feel right... while the blouse feels very, very right.

  2. Isn't it often the way? You bring home some fabric, and one thing leads to another, and your plans can't come to fruition because nothing is simple in the sewing world; but I guess that's how we stretch our abilities and learn new things. As for Prague - yes, that is definitely a good way to start; a real attention-getter!

    Very pretty fabric - your mother will be pleased.

    1. Inspiration is a mysterious thing... And I've always been stretching my abilities when it came to sewing.


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