Thursday, 1 November 2012

I ♥ Thursday ~ November 1

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've already posted something today... but tomorrow won't be Thursday anymore.

I'm joining this event because it's the perfect opportunity to share these:

The 23Skidoo, new shoes by American Duchess. Why is she doing this to me? :D I can attest to this style being very comfortable. Not that I own these, what with them still being on pre-order (starting today, lasting till Nov 19) - but my favourite black pair is the same style.

Could someone buy me these for Christmas? Please?


  1. These shoes are vintage shoe perfection. Suffering with you:)

    1. Now I've noticed the white-and-brown pair has a very similar colour to the leather jacket from your post... so of course I immediatelly paired them in my mind. ULTIMATE SUFFERING! :D