Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Refashioning, Alabama style

It's the style of Alabama Studio and Natalie Chanin, but I am only obliged for it to Anna of Pleasant View Schoolhouse.

My design placement is much more random than theirs. It's because I'm trying to cover stains on the T-shirt. There will be much more of the appliques; right now, it's on a slightly weird spot - because the stains were on a slightly weird spot.

I'm using motifs from a border pattern I found years ago on, and some I am inventing myself as I go. I hope the end result will look fine...


  1. Good luck with it, Hana - I love seeing Anna's creations.

  2. hana i love this!

    and.... i still have your box of goodies. just am not physically near it. blerg. someday we'll swap.