Sunday, 26 February 2012

Blog award, and search terms

MrsC did me a great favour and nominated me for a blog award. I mean, that means someone reads my blog, and enjoys it, and that means what I'm doing here, sitting in front of a computer, does have some meaning for someone, not just me. That's very nice for a blogger to know.

As blogger awards usually do, this one also comes with the obligation to nominate other people. Five people who have under 200 followers. I'm not sure I'll come up with five, but let's see...

Jan-ul, whom I happen to know, a little bit, in real life, and who makes all sorts of beautiful things and shares tidbits from her life on her blog - it's an ecclectic mix, but all of it is interesting in some way. She definitely deserves more followers than the few she's got now.

She Wears Shwe shwe - I have no idea how many followers she's got, but she's certainly getting next to no comments (and I'm definitely partly to blame myself, because often I don't know what to say, I'm just staring in awe). So head her way, please. You'll get to see lots of beautiful South African fabric. That's always a good thing, right?

Searching for a Balance - ditto about followers. Lisa's blog is thoughtful and fun and nice to look at, and shares all those pretty little things in one's life, the beauty of kitchen dishes and cats sitting on windowsills... I can relate.

Peanut Butter Macramé - only 48 followers? I did not expect her to make it on this list. Lady Katza makes such fabulous outfits that that number is really beyond me! And yes, outfits. She makes pretty clothes and styles them fabulously.

Sew And So - One of the first I thought of, but originally I thought the borderline was 100 followers, and was a bit sad (and happy at the same time) to see Becky had 108 or some such number listed. But, hey, it's 200, so she makes it - I love her blog. I don't read it quite regularly, but I love it. It's one of the first sewing blogs I ever read. She writes in such detail about her sewing, and does a lot of refashioning which I like.

So that's five people in the end! And I suppose I could find more. Maybe I'll start my own blog award to honour them. :-)

In other "news", I looked into my Blogger statistics, after some time, and looked at the search terms - a regular blogger entertainment. It's a bit funny, but mostly weird, and also humbling, because I'm in no way an expert on the things people search for.

Why do three of the search terms that come up regularly have something to do with Edwardian clothing, when I made it quite clear here that it's not an area I'm knowledgeable, or particularly interested in? That's what makes searching blogs for information so... unreliable. But also fun, because you often get to see the things you search for through other ordinary people's eyes.

My favourite search term is "estonian silver jewelry brooch traditional dress tallinn". It's a bit of an obligation. One day, I promise myself, I will have a post on my blog that will fulfill that search. (Currently, it leads to the Latvian folk costumes in Ventspils. A lot of a leeway there.)


  1. You're very kind, Hana! Thank you. I'll have to pass it along, and do a post about it.

    God bless you.

  2. Thanks so much, Hana! Very sweet of you to put me in this list. I always enjoy reading your blog, too, even though I don't always comment. :)

  3. Wow! Thank you so much and you are all kinds of awesome. *hugs* Sorry for the slow response, I've been hiding for a bit.