Friday, 10 February 2012

The Baltics 2011: Tallinn, part 4 - The flower festival 1

There is finally, truly winter outdoors - not just temperatures under zero, which they have been for quite a long time now, but also SNOW! Sparkling in the afternoon sun; and I'm sitting inside, in the warmth... of 18 degrees Celsius. *ahem*
So, let's go back to summer and flowers!

Because there was a flower festival in Tallinn. There were themeatic flower arrangements (or whatever you'd call it) - now that I look through my photos, it seems most of the themes were "Rahvusmustrid" ("National patterns") or "Rannaküla aed" ("Coastal village garden") - I guess the themes were set? Most of them were created by Estonians, but there were some by people from other countries as well.

It was situated outside the old city walls, at the North-West side, I think.

This arrangement was called "Fisherman's Dream".

Cornflower is Estonia's national flower.

This "national pattern" was inspired by crop circles.

While this "national pattern" display was inspired by prehistoric artifacts.

Here's one traditional folk pattern.

And one, I presume, traditional garden.

In the meantime, the temperature in the house has risen to 20 degrees, which is more pleasant to live in. More flowers next time. :-)


  1. Love the post ! sorry I ave not visited in so long.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Hana. Lovely architecture over there; I love the rounded turret-y building! It all makes me long for spring and summer.