Saturday 10 July 2010

I want a hat

More precisely, I need a hat. But when I need such thing, I might just as well want something I really like, right?

Right. Right now I really like this early 19th century embroidered straw Swiss hat from the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Although I prefer the shape of this one. And I'd even more like it to have some kind of a crown, to more or less work as a modern hat as well. So maybe something like this one. Or this 18th century bergére.

But I really, really like the embroidered brim of the Swiss one. That'd make a hat I could wear without feeling I have put a basket or placemat on my head. :D

So now I need to get a straw hat with wide brim. The embroidery I could do myself.


  1. I'm loving them all! Just think how easy they would be to store - all nice and flat!

  2. Yes, that was another aspect of their lovability which I forgot to mention. :D

  3. So nice, I like them all. Why do you need a hat? (not questioning, just curious)

  4. Because we're, again, having a heat wave, and I discovered that my dislike for heats and sun in heats is growing.
    It's not a medical condition - at least I hope so! - but I simply function better in colder weather... so to function properly in heats, I need at least some shade!

  5. To be more precise, I discovered that my old baseball cap simply won't do for me - that I need a hat with wide brim to shade myself properly...

  6. A nice wide brimmed hat is a must in a hot summer :) I am with you; not great on sun. Too pale...