Sunday, 2 June 2013

It works, too

The rolled hem foot, that is. Unfortunately, not on fine fabrics like my handkerchief (so I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way on my second one); but with a shirting, it works. I have to be more careful with feeding the fabric than I often tend to be (see the loose part at the left, where I started), but it works!

I also have a new camera. A Canon - I'm still trying to get used to it, because so far, I think I've only had Panasonics... It always takes me several tries before I manage to set it on Macro... and because I take photos of my sewing, I need Macro often. But the great thing about this camera is that it needs much less light to take good photos than my previous one did. No more need to wait for sunny days outdoors to take photos! Good thing, too, because it's been rainy for days and weeks...
(The old camera went to my sister, who mostly takes photos outdoors anyway.)

Floods are coming. It's rather scary. Fortunately, we're far enough from water, and so is grandma in Prague where some metro stations and tram lines had to be closed down already. But still...
I hear there are floods elsewhere in the world as well. How do you fare?


  1. Oh, dear, I hadn't heard you were going to have floods. May the Lord keep you!

    I have Panasonic compact cameras, and love them! But I recently bought myself a DSLR - used, and an older model, which was affordable for me - and it certainly will work in much less light. It's great!

    I was realizing today the zipper foot on my Janome is just nice overall, and I may end up using it for other things. Glad you had success doing rolled hems on yours. :)

    1. So far, so good.

      The Panasonic is so easy to use and yet is not such a "stupid" camera - that's the main advantage over the Canon, I think, because the Canon does somehow take more clicking through to set some things - maybe not objectively more "clicks", but you have to switch between the buttons more, and that slows me down (which could be a problem if e.g. light conditions suddenly changed and I wanted to take a photo of something quickly...). And I have not found out yet how to turn on the display only...
      Of course, I don't think we would have bought the Canon either, had it not been on sale. :D

      Lucky you with a nice zipper foot - I still miss the one from the Lucznik! It just somehow keeps the zipper or piping pressed in place better. (Though I think I've seen similar ones on offer for Singer as well, so I might "splurge" on that eventually... :D)

  2. i never managed to use my rolled hem foot - no patience. but since i have a serger i do narrow hems with them. much easier. of cause i dont sew historical clothes.
    here in saxon switzerland we have "katastrophenalarm" - the elbe/labe is goin wild. 11m in the forecast - till 12 i´m save.........
    i cook a big pot lentil soup and remove things from the cellar.

    1. Oh dear, yes! The first alarm here came from Hřensko (as far as I noticed, that is), that's at the border... Be safe!
      Of course, my hem foot cannot be used for the very historical things, but vintage is okay. ;-)