Thursday, 24 November 2011


I think we Czechs need to celebrate Thanksgiving. I don't mean the turkey part; we can come up with excuses to stuff ourselves easily and besides, I'm not particularly fond of turkey. I mean the thanksgiving part. We could do with a holiday that makes us think of all our reasons for gratitude, because we tend to overlook them, even though we have many. But then, that might be a universal human problem.

Right now, it's thank you, Lisa, for sending me your Madeline hat. Thank you, because you did not have to send it overseas, and thank you, because it's so perfect. It's not just a schoolgirl hat - though I did wear it to school today - it's a bit of 70s (and you did tell me I look good in 70s things) and a bit of mid-19th century (so it could go with my 1848 outfit, one day), and it's a mix of what the men in Leone's films are wearing and the hat Jill is wearing (well... sort of), and perhaps it would fit into other eras as well, and all in all it's very much ME.

Only I have trouble photographing myself in it.

As I said, I wore it to school today. So it sat on the desk next to me on the lesson of Polish literature, and as we listened to two Kochanowski/Gomolka Psalms, and I got a very Advent-like feeling (Advent will be here soon, after all), I thought it was a very fitting first outing for a gift from a part-Polish lady.


  1. Prosze bardzo, Hana! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, since you've got the right spirit for it!

    I'll think of you again later, when the classical program on the radio plays Dvorak's "Symphony for the New World" which they always play on Thanksgiving.

    Advent blessings to you - I'm also being drawn into it already.

  2. Ten klobouk vypadá přesně jako z chodského kroje!