Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sneak peek 2

So... This is a post to join Debi's Sew Grateful Challenge. It does not feature a finished item, only a nearly finished item. But it does not seem to matter.

I finally got back to the project from this post. I thought I'd finish it this weekend; I still haven't managed, because I took long naps both yesterday and today afternoon... But it's close now.

The gingham-ish print I got from my friend's mother (the same I got the pale green 1970 dress, and several other things and fabrics I haven't written about yet from). The bias binding is the infamous Very Pink Poplin of Doom, also a gift. I think it spices up the blue and white fabric nicely. Or maybe it makes it unbearably saccharine; that's up for debate, but I, as the perpetrator of that combination, prefer the first option. :-)

So, what is this? It is, as I suggested in the first Sneak peek post, a rip off of Colette Patterns - namely their Crepe dress, using this free pattern by Lekala (and modifying it quite heavily). But it's meant to be an apron. Apron dress. Dress apron.
So I made it a higher neckline, for better coverage (that was my intent in making an apron dress in the first place - higher coverage). There was not nearly enough of the fabric for a fuller skirt, too. So it's not very close to Crepe after all, but I like it like this, with the higher neckline. (The sleeves are nowhere near perfect, but seeing as it is only an apron, I won't bother.) The waist ties will also be made of the Very Pink Poplin.

I have the idea of using this pattern (modified yet again) to make a Little Black Dress (or perhaps a bigger black dress?), inspired by the McCall's pattern featured in the Grace Kelly book (which, as you may recall, I won in a giveaway). Square neckline in the front, but wrap in the back like this one, short sleeves, full skirt and waist ties. For a January event, where I might and might not go, to go with another hat that Lisa sent me in addition to the Madeline hat (because that event is about the only occasion I can come up with for using that hat, but the hat would be fabulous for that occasion).
The problem is, I don't have suitable fabric for it, and it would eat up quite a lot of fabric... and seeing how long it took me to get this far with this project...
But, seriously, if I'm ever going to sew a LBD, this is the perfect one. So I think I'm going to try, to see if I can. Because if I manage, it would also be my Historical Costume Inspiration Festival entry.


  1. Fantastic! It's looking great so far! I just love gingham :)

  2. Me too. This is, I think, the only wearable gingham I have so far. But I love the pattern in general; it's so homey, and versatile!

  3. It's lovely, and you just need to plait your hair, get a little dog and some red shoes to complete the Dorothy look! I love that!

  4. Great job! =)