Saturday, 23 July 2011


I didn't do anything special in recent weeks. In the weeks to come, I will be doing lots of special things - I'm going to Estonia and Latvia. I will go to a Christian camp near Rakvere, and then travel round Estonia with father, and Latvia with father and sister. I'm coming back on August 12, so some time after that you may expect an overload of photos and experiences...
Mom's spending next week with one of our cousins in the in-laws' mountain home (not her in-laws, mind you, my sister's). He has a special diet and therefore cannot go to normal camps, so she's offered my aunt this relief time. That's going to be interesting... The week after next she'll be taking care of our cats. I hope she'll enjoy it at least a bit...
Well, that's just to let you know I'm alive.


  1. Enjoy your travels and time off!

  2. Alright - have fun, Hana. Take lots of pictures!