Monday, 22 August 2011

Strawberry ice cream and chocolate

I'm back from the Baltic countries. I've been back for over a week, actually, and catching my breath. Sort of. There will be lots of posts about it, starting tomorrow. I followed Lisa's advice and took lots and lots of photos; so much so that we had to buy a new memory card. It was already needed anyway.

Today it was hot. I went downtown to buy some food and get something for school, and it was H*O*T. Good thing I had a hat. I bought strawberry ice cream with chocolate coating, and while I was eating it, I thought my outfit sort of matched it; hence the title.

Surprisingly, this outfit contains no thrifted pieces. Something weird happened. It still contains thrifty pieces, though.

Belt and necklace - the same, plus my chalice necklace
Skirt - Yessica/C&A, years ago. My legs are clearly too short for it. I still like it.
T-shirt - Easy Wear by Rimi, made and bought in Latvia
And the cheap, cheap hat, a purely practical item

As you can see on the photo, I got back from the Baltic countries tanned. Unevenly tanned, but tanned. That's something that rarely happens to me.

And it was hot, and I did not feel like spending more time outdoors, trying to take that perfect photo. Instead, I headed home and took a quick cold shower.


  1. Lovely outfit! I will be looking for your trip photos:)
    A strawberry ice cream with chocolate coating sounds wonderful about now - I'm sweltering!


  2. Thank you!
    The ice cream was good, and gone very quickly...

  3. This crazy planet, here it is freeezing, we've even had snow which is a 50 year first! Nice to see you again! Love the outfit, such lovely clean summery lines and fabrics :) Looking forward to the Baltic series.

  4. Welcome back, and I look forward to the pictures!!!

  5. It's coming, ladies, it's coming! :-)

    When it's hot outside, it's harder to imagine there's winter on the other hemisphere... When we have cold, rainy summer, it's easier...