Saturday, 26 January 2013

Grey Days into Glimmering

I was premature in my previous comment on the Presidential elections; in the last two weeks, between the two remaining candidates, the campaign got quite ugly.

But that's not what I want this blog to be about; I just needed to make that clear.

What I want to write about is another of Kellie's Blog parties.

1) What's your favourite thing to do when you've been feeling uninspired?
Change the scene. At least go for a walk, or pick a book you have not read in a long time...

2) Tell us about a really great movie/show that you've just discovered.
Not “just“ – but it fits the bill wonderfully. Kandukondein, Kandukondein, a Tamil reworking of Sense & Sensibility. It’s colourful as only an Indian film can be. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me laugh and cry at the same time, it made me root for the characters, it made me fall in love with the Colonel all over again.

3) What do you like to do to change your mood?
Depends. Drink. Eat. Read a book. Watch a nice film. Go to a youth meeting. Cuddle with a cat. Go to an Indian restaurant and share a meal with my sister (as I did last Tuesday). Smell a nice smell.

 I got a lavender satchet for Christmas. Now it sits next to my pillow, making my dreams smell sweet...

4) Your favourite drink is currently...
Black tea with honey and milk. And mango lassi.

5) When you hear the word exuberant, what's the first word that comes to mind?

6) What made you smile last?
A friend’s little son, who desperately wanted to call a friend on Skype and could not wait till she would get home from kindergarten. He suggested to call her “yesterday”. :D

7) What five songs would make a playlist to describe your week?
Silvertown Blues by Mark Knopfler. No bucket of gold, not even silver; but I found two potatoes in the street. With money quite stretched, it was nice.

A Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon & Garfunkel. Minus the alcohol.

You’ll Never Walk Alone. I’m familiar with a rendition by a men’s Welsh choir...
I can’t think of more. A song about meetups would be good, but I can't think of one.

8) What's at the top of your creative 'To-Do' list?
Probably my Regency stays? And to finish the projects I promised to others.

9) The last thing you crossed off the above list was...
Washing a new-ish fabric that had not been washed yet.

10) Quickly - the first movie quote from the top of your head, please!
“There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.“ – Blondie / The Man With no Name in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Just, you know, the quote that pops up in my head when you require me to give a quote from a film...

11) The best thing about January is...
Snow. And fresh Christmas gifts.

 Another gift was this tin box of Scottish shortbread. No shortbread, just the box. I love tin boxes.

12) The worst thing about January is...
Exam period. On the other hand, that means I have more time at home, and can meet with people; for today, I invited my oldest friend over for tea, something I've wanted to do for quite a while now.

13) What’s your #1 resolution for 2013?
Nothing. I don’t make new year’s resolutions. I do make some resolutions, but they’re not linked to calendar years.

14) And lastly, share a quote or verse that you’ve found especially inspiring lately.
Surprisingly enough (?), that’s the Lord’s Prayer.

If you're a Whovian (or even if you're not), you can enter her giveaway and win compact mirrors and pins.


  1. Hello Ms Hana! Found your blog through Kellie's Blog Party. Had fun reading! Have to say I plugged in the flick you listed above, as soon as I saw you said it was an adaptation of Sense and Sensibility--watched the first 20 min and knew I was hooked. Saving it for later! I love bollywood! Have you seen Aisha? It's bollywood version of Emma-and my favorite movie of this genre. YOu must see it if you haven't already. (I did a costume drama spotlight on it on the ole bloggy if you want to see some fun pics from it)

    I digress...sorry.

    I love reading-this usually always changes my mood as well.

    Indian food??--I went for the first time for lunch with some co-workers the other day and I LOVED it!!! I am going to take my sister the first chance we get. The place was also covered from ceiling to floor with rich colorful fabrics and it was just a delightful experience for the eyes and stomach :)

    What are you studying in school? Exams blahhh :(

    I am a hopeless Whovian and I'm just upset they make so few of them. We WANT MORE episodes!

    Thanks for sharing girly!
    Jeanine :)

    1. Welcome!

      I have not seen Aisha - there are so many Indian films, and we only discovered them a while ago with my sister (she first, and pulled me into it). But she loves Emma, so I'll file that away for later use. :D
      My favourite Bollywood films so far were Aaja Nachle and Jab We Met. Kandukondein, Kandukondein isn't really Bollywood, though.

      That was an Indian/Nepali restaurant in Brno that actually our other sister discovered first. We went there once with the whole family, and it started out a bit awkward because we were somewhat tired or something, but as we progressed with the food, tasting each other's etc., we loosened up wonderfully and had the best of times. It's great to have Indian food with company. ;-) And I just love mango lassi; sadly, my sister's allergic to mango, so we can't share that...

      I'm studying English; language and culture. It's good (though I'm not so good...), but exams are the least fun part of it. Getting to listen to interesting teachers talk about interesting subjects is probably the best.

      I'm getting my Whovian kick out of the Classics now, whenever I can get them... I'm also getting my British kick out of it.

  2. Mmm, tea. I don't do milk in my tea, but I've been doing a lot of black tea with honey/lemon lately as I've been fighting a sore throat (which is much better than it was this time last week.)

    I haven't seen too much Bollywood, but Bride & Prejudice is a bit of a guilty pleasure (even though I don't own it.) Probably helps that it's in English. ;)

    I'm kind of sad that there's no new Doctor Who until March, but in the meantime I'm distracting myself with totally failing at keeping up with Downton Abbey. (I'm 3 behind now.)

    1. It's good that it's getting better. I got a bit of a sore throat myself - thankfully just the beginnings of one - which is one of the reasons why I'm enjoying tea with honey now!

      Bride and Prejudice is another film that's still eluding me...

      In the meantime of waiting for new Doctor Who, I'm watching the old ones, as I mentioned, and Star Trek Original Series. Downtown Abbey is also eluding me so far; mostly because I have so many other things to watch and do...

  3. Hello! And thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I haven't ever tried milk in tea, but I want to. If only to say that I have tried it once and who knows, I might like it! :) I have to agree with the others, you should definitely try Aisha and Bride and Prejudice if you get the chance. They both are a ton of fun! :) As for Doctor Who, I haven't actually watched an entire episode (I KNOW!), but I've seen tons of clips and pictures and exclamation posts. So it feels like I've actually watched the show. I do love the nerdiness of it all. :D The Lord's Prayer is incredible. So often I recite it or read it and don't think anything, but once I take a moment and really think about what it says, I'm amazed. God is good. :)

    1. Don't overdo the milk; milk with tea's no good, you want tea with milk. :D
      And the Lord's Prayer is loaded with meaning.