Friday, 24 June 2011

My new favourite blouse

Thrifted, of course. It cost more than I'm used to paying (I'm used to being very thrifty and buying those 10-20 CZK pieces...), but totally worth it. The material's very pleasant to wear, and even though it has long, looong sleeves, it's fine to wear in summer heats.

Funny thing is, I went to the thrift store with my sister, who wanted to buy something for herself - a blouse, skirt or trousers - and ended up buying a hoodie, and I ended up buying a blouse. That's thrifting for you.

It seems simple enough to recreate, maybe with shorter sleeves this time. The pattern seems to be very simple (raglan sleeves, the whole neckline gathered), and I think I have just the type of fabric... It has elastic in the neckline + the sleeve heads are shirred to better sit on the shoulders. And just now Gertie writes a tutorial on shirring! Do you think this type of blouse would look good in small plaid?

The thing straight ahead of me now, though, is putting an elastic into a skirt I cut out from a dress (passed down from a friend)... Long skirt time!


  1. Oh my goodness, I made a blouse years ago in that exact design - raglan sleeves, drawstring neckline. It had elastic at sleeve ends, though. I made it from a small floral cotton.
    Your gauze one is very pretty, and I'm beginning to think you may have been born in the wrong era - when you appear in clothes from the 70s and you look just right in them!

    I imagine the blouse would be fine in a small plaid - why not try it?

  2. Well, yes, part of the 70s definitely is me. :-) And it's also part of my childhood, even though I was born in the wrong era - when I was a child, my mom still had some clothes from late 70s/early 80s (my guess) and that style still says "my beautiful mom" to me. I still have one of her T-shirts from that time, and it's one of my favourites - sadly already falling apart on me.
    So, yes, I like the style. I'm glad I'm not the only one to think it looks good on me. :-)

  3. Of course! It's because of your mother - I didn't think of it.

    Yes, you look natural in those styles.

  4. I love the shirt... and am thinking I want one! You are right that it seems simple enough to make. I will be looking up the shirring tutorial... I'm not even sure what that is.

    Small plaid? yeah, that would work. Would need a solid colored bottom to go with it, I think, but then I'm not one to be too bold!

  5. Is that embroidery on the front? It looks very nice. 70's fashions are in style at the moment in Australia and my eldest is receiving compliments from her classmates on her clothing choices and they are envious when they discover that her mother(me) was such a hoarder she hardly ever disposed of anything still wearable. That style of shirt should look nice in a small plaid.

  6. Oh I like that very much, and it suits you! You look very pretty. :- )

  7. Rachael: I'm not one for being bold either. Well, I can be bold as in wearing a hat to a wedding when most Czech women don't, but it must be a hat that matches my clothes. ;-)

    Stitchin' time: It's machine embroidery, looking like cross stitch.
    I wish 70s were still (or is it already?) in style here... right now there are those leggins and tight jeans fashions that, in my opinion, don't look very good on anyone.

    Rhonda Jean: Thank you!

    Well, then, small plaid it is!

  8. Wonderful find and you are very creative going with a plaid; I would never have thought to use one but believe it will be lovely.

  9. Thank you, Becky. Although it's not as much creativity as trying to use up stash. But maybe that's creativity, too...

  10. It's cute! And it looks like it wouldn't be terribly hard to replicate. Except for maybe the embroidery.

    I'm going to say that using up stash counts as creativity-- at least I hope so! Sometimes it's really hard to figure out what to do with a certain piece of fabric that you've had for ages!

  11. Yes, I have such pieces. :D
    I don't think the embroidery would look good on plaid anyway. Maybe something else than cross stich, though... that could also be easier and quicker.