Monday, 14 February 2011

I have a family, I passed my exams

Yesterday, me and one of my sisters visited our relatives in a village. Uncle and aunt, and their son (I can never remember how old are my relatives, but I think he's about 9). And our cousin and her husband and 2,5-year-old son and two little twin daughters that were born in August.
It was a bit exhausting, because we had to squeeze the two visits into one day. But great. Seeing them again. Having time to sit down and play a game of Ludo with uncle and aunt and cousin. Aunt was enjoying it immensely. She's a minister, so weekends are usually the busiest part of the week for her, and they don't know the usual weekend chill off other families can do. So, apparently, she was happy that she can play a grown up child once again.
And my little nieces-once-removed - can you call them that? - are so, so cute.

Plus I passed my exams. Some of them so-so, but two of them with an A, including the Renaissance Literature one. Thank you, Mr Hilský and C.S. Lewis! Reminds me I should write to Martin Hilský that his book on Shakespeare I bought and got signed by him in autumn with the hopes of it helping me with the subject really did help a lot. :-) Martin Hilský is THE current Czech translator of Shakespeare, I think he's translated all his works. The book is a book of essays on all the plays and the sonnets and two other poems. And it's a very good read and one of the reasons why studying for that exam was "high fun".
Phew. Finally I have time to meet my friend! We've agreed that we'd leave it till we have passed our exams, and it took me much longer than her. I didn't learn the results of one of the exams until a while ago today.

Oh, and the Museums, Regency and Jewellery tags are here because I found an online, focused photo of the UPM tiara I posted earlier. So, you can see more details of it here.


  1. Congratulations on the exam!!

  2. I'm glad your exam went well, and that it's over!

  3. Well done and what a lovely way to celebrate :)

  4. Congratulations! Back at university I had a subject on Shakespeare and enjoyed every minute of the lectures!

  5. Congratulations! Especially on the Renaissance Literature!

  6. Thank you, again! Renaissance Literature was indeed fun... and stressful, due to the exam being focused on different things than we discussed in the lessons - in the lessons we discussed individual works, while the exam was more general. But thanks to the books, I passed it. *phew* :-)