Friday, 25 June 2010

Progress, and old new fabric (1)

Still working on the chemise. It still seems the French seaming will work.

I decided against lining the Regency dress. Instead, I'll wear a bodiced petticoat underneath if necessary. I feel that a lined dress would be a bother to wear in summer, and that would defy the point in using Indian cotton (= saree). Which I do not want to defy.

Also, I wanted to get rid of some fabric (particularly, a friend wanted to get rid of some fabric) and helped organise a collection of fabric for charity.
I should have known better. I ended up taking some of the fabric home, and of course there was much more of it than I got rid of.
The moral of the story: When you have the sewing bug, it's no use trying to get rid of fabric. Your stash always multiplies.
The good thing is, I got rid of fabric I wasn't likely to use, and brought home fabric I'm more likely to use, colour-wise and type-wise. Except for a Very Pink Poplin of a "What was I thinking?" kind. (I actually know what I was thinking. It's just that what I was thinking doesn't explain what I'm going to do with the whole length of it.)

It started with this lovely flowered seersucker (supposing it's still called seersucker when it's flowered):

Which begged me to become another incarnation of my Andrea Blouse pattern.

And I went downhill from there. You know how that goes, don't you?

Yellow plainweave cotton, destined to become something in our kitchen.

Thick orange cotton canvas, destined to become a shoulder bag, if I can figure that out.

A square piece of lovely vintage-y print which will, hopefully, with some careful planning become a summer skirt.

A pretty yellow sweatshirting which I wanted to turn into a clone of my favourite hoodie, except that it has less body to it and is more... um... it pulls more, if that makes sense.
I also have some blue-grey sweatshirting and some dark blue, but there's just that amount of solid colour sweatshirting you could bear to see, I think. Those blue ones are "firmer" than the yellow one, so perhaps I'll use one of those for the hoodie clone in the end.

Beige corduroy. A disclaimer: I do not answer for my behaviour around beige corduroy. It equals someone else's behaviour around, say, Prada shoes. I do not care for Prada shoes one bit. I do care for beige corduroy. A lot.

The Very Pink Poplin Of Doom. The thing I was thinking was that this would make lovely piping for the flowered seersucker Andrea. Except that after that is done I'll still be left with about 2 metres of Very Pink Poplin.
If I were a bold-statement-kind-of-person, I'd sew a Very Pink Duster out of it and call it ironic. But my irony is usually much more subtle (like, I have an idea of making a polka-dotted babydoll-y dress in Regency style, grande-aissettes and all - see my point?), so that would not work for me. Not to mention that a proper duster of OUATITW type would probably require more fabric.
So, until next post, I'm left with a Very Pink Poplin Of Doom. The next post will feature some real treasures, to defeat the Doom of the Very Pink Poplin.


  1. Is the Very Pink Poplin made of cotton? If so, once you're done with the piping you could always dye it...

  2. I haven't figured that out yet. I ought to today.
    Although, there are dyes that work even for artificial fibres, so that really seems like the best thing to try. Thanks.

  3. What´s a "duster"...? Please explain to not-so-good-in-english me :)
    I like your new fabric! You could also use the pink one for some sort of lining... maybe? It would be great in a bag, I think.

  4. A duster is something like a trench coat, called duster because its original purpose was to shield the clothes underneath from dust. :-)
    The OUATITW type of duster I'm speaking about is this:

    Yes. As much as I like the idea of dyeing it and using it as something sensible, home-dyed fabrics usually demand special care, so in the end I decided to use smallish bits of it here and there. Another idea I had was making a pencil case (the roll type) for my coloured pencils, so that I can travel with them easier. Maybe - MAYBE - also some book covers or so. If I can find a book that needs a cover and can survive this pinkness.