Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Going to work on my chemise

I could have gone biking today, maybe.
Or picking elderflowers and make elderflower syrup.
But it's raining.

So, instead, I'll sit down, watch the film about apostle Paul that I got recorded by someone from TV, on a videotape, in an awful quality, many years ago, and keep working on my chemise.

That's the plan, anyway. Going to cut out and sew the side gores.

The film's not very good in my opinion, but that only makes it the perfect background for my sewing. I've normally been watching MASH or Alarm für Cobra 11 in such circumstances recently. You know, something I do not have to watch all the time, just listen. The quality of the image in this one is awful (TV, to videotape, to DVD years later - you get the idea), so I don't have to watch it very much either... Still, I feel like watching it today. Or, rather, listening to it. (If you're wondering, I'm sewing it by hand. That's why I can watch a film while working on it.)

I'm making the chemise from the new batiste (or what it is). It turned out to be the perfect amount of fabric for it, and there were some flaws (ah, cheap fabric...). So I saw no need to cut into my older, nicer batch of batiste for something that gets worn underneath other clothes anyway.


  1. Hope the work went well. I work while "watching" TV or movies quite often. But then, both Hubby and I tend to "watch" from the side, we are always doing something else at the same time!

  2. Well, I mostly pulled threads to get nice rectangles of fabric to use...
    And I figured out the film was even worse than I remembered, not very true to the Bible at all, adding drama where it's not and supressing the drama that really was there (such as, no Philippi, no Diana of Efesus - if they want drama, there's plenty there!). Phew! I still have a soft spot for some parts of it, but I think it's rather stupid that it's not done properly... It's a bit of a waste of actors. Like, there's Franco Nero (whom I know from spaghetti westerns) as Gamaliel, and I somehow really like that...
    End of whines.