Monday, 20 August 2012

My almost favourite trousers

Favourite, because they're a lovely soft narrow-vale corduroy that makes them suitable both for summer, unless it's really hot, and spring and autumn. White, wide trousers make for a very classic look, I think. I snatched them on one of the clothes exchanges my cousin-once-removed used to organise*.
Almost, because they sit very low, and have an unfortunate tendency to slide even lower. Not so classic. (It defines my problem with most RTW trousers, too. Either they sit too low, or they are too wide in the waist. Eventually both.) Wearing a belt with them is quite necessary, and it only allows for longer tees and blouses.

This brown one is about the shortest that works.

 (The ladder is a bit wobbly, so I did not really sit on it.)

As is often the case with me, it's all thrifted. Including the pins in my bun: I got two of them from an elder lady friend of my mom's. And I very possibly found the remaining two pins in the street. I certainly did find the elastic that holds it together in the street. I have found most of my elastics in the street; I'm lucky like that.
This simple low bun is one of my new favourite hairstyles; very nice in summer, keeping the hair off my neck but suiting me better than higher updos. Quick to make, too.

Also: boatneck. Sheesh, I knew there was a reason why I was so stuck on it!

And one with a yellow T-shirt. I got it from my mom, who is every now and then seized by an uncanny ability to get me something that defines my stylish likes for years to come. In this case, somehow tapping into my increasing love for this shade of yellow.

When Oona sent me the cheerful fabric bangles, I didn't realise they went with my yellow T-shirt, too.

This time, it's Yksi. Cats make good photographing accessories. They don't care much for being fashion accessories, though. Good for them!

The flower pin (or, rather, the flower itself) is made after Disney's tutorial, only mine is yes-sew. Phew, no-sew is more difficult than yes-sew, isn't it? You need some fancy glue for it! I didn't bother fray-checking it, either; it's just a quick whip-up flower made of a scrap of fabric.

* It used to be a fun community, almost family-like event where you could get rid of your old clothes, get new ones and help out some charity project by the way. Now it's more of helping out a charity project with a fancy event, and getting rid of your old clothes by the way. I don't go there anymore, and my cousin does not organise it anymore. It's a sad thing. I got some of my best clothes there, and got rid of some I never wore. I can still take the latter to charity, but I don't get to meet my cousin in the process.


  1. Cats are definitely good props! Love your trousers; they look fantastic!

    1. Yes, they do; I didn't realise just how great they looked until I took photos of myself in them. :-) I used them as a basis for a trousers pattern, but higher rise, of course, and one of the reasons I joined your Remaking and Replacing the RTW iniciative is my wish to replace these with higher-fitting ones. The fit in the "waist" area is the only thing I'm not happy about with them.